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Support for the Brightspace learning management system

The Brightspace 24/7/365 help desk 

Phone: 1-877-325-7778

To submit a help ticket:


The UI&U technology support desk, 24/7/365

Phone: 859 491 6601 




New Student Information

QuickLaunch Username - Your username is U + Union ID.  If your Union ID is 123456, then your username is u123456.

QuickLaunch Password - Your initial password is UIU + last 6 of your SSN + ! - For example, UIU987654! - Don't forget the exclamation point at the end.

QuickLaunch Address -


QuickLaunch Setup


Simplified Username: Students and alumni will use their Union ID number prefaced with a “U” as in u123456.

If you are staff, faculty, or a contractor, your username is lastname first initial in most cases. Note that your password remains the same unless you choose to change it.

Click the link for instructions on setting up your QuickLaunch account recovery options.

QuickLaunch Setup Instructions

Instrucciones de Quicklaunch en Español

Contact the helpdesk if you need additional assistance. 888-85-UNION or

To receive remote technical support Help, you can allow a Union Help Desk Technician to remotely view your computer.  This is sometimes helpful if you are having trouble describing the problem that appears on your screen and would like a technician to take a look. 
Click one of the following links to allow temporary access to your computer.  Choosing this option creates a temporary session with a code you will need to provide to the Help Desk technician.  After the session ends, the technician has no access to your computer again (unless you create a new session with a new code).


Guest Wireless in the Baldwin Building

Connect to: UIU-CAP