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Brightspace Help

BrightSpace/D2L issues:

Phone: 1-877-325-7778

Help Desk Hours: 
Staff Support:  Monday-Sunday, 24 hours

Phone Numbers:
Extension 1137 from any university center



QuickLaunch Setup

Click the link for instructions on setting up your QuickLaunch account recovery options.

QuickLaunch Setup Instructions

Contact the helpdesk if you need additional assistance.


                               Orientation for New Staff                                                         Orientation for New Faculty

To receive remote technical support Help, you can allow a Union Help Desk Technician to remotely view your computer.  This is sometimes helpful if you are having trouble describing the problem that appears on your screen and would like a technician to take a look. 
Click one of the following links to allow temporary access to your computer.  Choosing this option creates a temporary session with a code you will need to provide to the Help Desk technician.  After the session ends, the technician has no access to your computer again (unless you create a new session with a new code).