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Help Desk Hours: 
Student and Faculty Support:  24 hours a day/7 days a week via phone.
Staff Support:  Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm Eastern time and Friday 8am-5pm Eastern time

Phone Numbers:
Extension 1137 from any university center

If you are new to Union, please take a moment to review our IT Orientation document.  It gives a brief overview of all the software and systems used at Union.
We have customized help pages based on your role at Union.  Please visit the page(s) for your role:  Student Help  |  Faculty Help  |  Staff Help
To receive remote technical support Help, you can allow a Union Help Desk Technician to remotely view your computer.  This is sometimes helpful if you are having trouble describing the problem that appears on your screen and would like a technician to take a look. 
Click one of the following links to allow temporary access to your computer.  Choosing this option creates a temporary session with a code you will need to provide to the Help Desk technician.  After the session ends, the technician has no access to your computer again (unless you create a new session with a new code).