Nominations for Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship will be accepted through August 31, 2019.  This award recognizes instructors who have demonstrated a consistent pattern of excellence in scholarship through past and current publications, fellowships, scholarly presentations and papers, or other activities.  The award carries a $1000 stipend and all UI&U faculty (full-time, part-time, and affiliate) are eligible to be nominated.

            Nominations should include the following information: a) a letter of nomination explaining why the nominee is qualified to be recognized in this manner; b) the nominee’s most current curriculum vitae; c) any documentary evidence in support of the nomination; d) information regarding any other financial award or grant that has been received in support of the faculty member’s work that forms the basis of this nomination; and, e) the identity of the person or persons making the nomination.  Except for self-nominations, the portfolio should not include any confidential information.  For self-nominations, confidential information such as dean’s reviews or peer reviews may be submitted in support of the nomination but any confidentiality in that information will be deemed to have been waived.

            Nominations may be submitted by faculty, students, administration, alumni, or friends of the university and may be submitted electronically at by August 31.  The winner will be announced in the fall and will be publicly recognized at the National Commencement Exercises in October.