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Microsoft Products for Faculty and Staff
For Faculty and Staff ONLY, a University discounted version of Microsoft Office and Windows is available for purchase by visiting this link.

Cell Phones

  • Union Faculty and Staff are eligible for an 8% discount with Verizon.  To qualify, visit or call a Verizon store and provide your Union email address.


  • Students, Faculty and Staff may receive a discount (up to 30% off list prices for certain items) from Dell Computers by visiting or calling 1-800-695-8133 to speak with a sales representative.  You must mention Member ID US235359.
  • Students, Faculty and Staff may receive up to a 10% discount from Apple Computers by providing a student ID at a store or online at

Bibliographic Software

These software programs will help you keep track of your references and bibliographies when you are writing papers and conducting research. They will automatically format the references and citations in the style guide format of your choosing. Software vendor sites with information about the packages:

Quantitative Research Software

Quantitative research software is primarily for conducting statistical analyses. Software vendor sites with information about the packages:

  • Analyze-it
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • STATA - Stata has complete statistical, graphical, and data-management capabilities and is also fully programmable. Used by researchers of all disciplines. Online courses about using Stata are available for free.
  • StatLib - From the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon, this collection contains a variety of software, macros, and data sets written in Fortran, C, and Lisp.

Qualitative Research Software

Qualitative research software is designed to facilitate qualitative data analysis (e.g., field research, ethnography).Software vendor sites with information about the packages: