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The Writing Center at Union Institute & University

The Writing Center at Union Institute & University is here to strengthen the process of writing for everyone at Union, students, faculty, and staff alike.  Focused around Union's core value of communication, the center provides self-help through the writing center public web site, tutoring assistance to students, consultation for faculty on responding to student writing and on creating and improving writing assignments.  Everyone is encouraged to join the Writing Center Group in Campus Web and to make a visit to the writing center web page a regular part of their writing life.
The Writing Center can be reached at:
phone: 513-487-1156 or 1-800-861-6400 ext. 1156
*Emails and voice mails are checked several times each day.  We will respond at the first available chance we get.  During the work week, expecting a response within 24 hrs is reasonable.

The Writing Center Group in Campus Web

You are invited to join our Campus Group, Writing Center.

You can learn more about our group by visiting and, if you decide to join, accept our invitation at that same location.
All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to joing this group.
In this location, users are able to make appointments with a writing tutor and view and utilize useful support materials.  Tutoring appointments can take place on-line, over the phone, and on site at the Cincinnati center.

The Writing Center Public Web Site for Union Institute & University

Students are encouraged to understand their own writing process and to diagnose their own errors.  The Writing Center web page is set up so learners can do just that.  Faculty, staff, and students are all encouraged to make use of this valuable resource.  Much thought and effort was put into the site to make it user-friendly and efficient to navigate and use.

The site is divided into three sections. 
The  symptom tracker is where learners can diagnose their own problems in their writing and use the site as a coach to improve at their process.  This page is divided into three more sections on the subsequent page: what the instructor or professor says, what peers and classmates say, and what students themselves might say about their writing as they proofread it.
The middle section will take students to a page focused on the steps of the writing process.  Students should utilize the menu on the left to hone and develop their own approach to the writing process. 
The Find Answers by Topic section is your basic topic by topic run down of important writing concepts that students may come across during their studies.  Each link provides succint, helpful suggestions for students who take their writing seriously and seek to improve their process.  Documentation information and grammar information can be found here among other run of the mill writing topics.
The Web Site is accessible in the next portlet or you can go to the URL:

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