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GoToMeeting @ Union Institute & University


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How to Schedule and Start Meetings

Union Institute & University has now adopted GoToMeeting for many of its Web conferencing needs.  GoToMeeting (a product of LogMeIn) is considered an industry leader in conferencing technologies.   

How do I get a GoToMeeting account?

If you do not currently have an Adobe Connect license and would like a GoToMeeting license, it will need to be requested by your dean or director (because there are costs associated with Adobe and GoToMeeting accounts).  Requests from the dean/director should be emailed to Mary Amos or Theresa Warren.  For budgetary purposes, the cost for an annual license for a person is $100 for GoToMeeting and $150 for Adobe Connect Pro - plus any phone charges (GoToMeeting can use built-in audio via the computer which has no cost).  The phone cost for GoTo and Adobe are both 3.5 cents per minute, per caller.

Why did we choose GoToMeeting?

The main reason is that it has the best audio integration and video quality of any product on the market.  Attendees have the choice of using their telephone or the built-in audio from their computer.  Using their computer's microphone and speakers saves all phone charges (for the individual and Union).

What are the limitations of GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting limits the number of people appearing on camera at the same time to 25.  People can take turns, but 25 is the simultaneous limit.  There can be a total of 25 attendees, plus the host, in a meeting who can participate via audio (phone and/or computer). The meeting organizer can determine who can use their cameras.   

Is there a mobile app for GoToMeeting?

Yes, there are mobile apps for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows 10.

Can I have an account for both?

In some cases, people will have accounts for both.  But in general, we are hoping to find the right product for your needs so you only have to use one.  But there are certainly cases where both might be needed by the same person. 

Additional support resources on CampusWeb


Pricing Information

OpenVoice – we are charged 3.5 cents per minute if people use toll free OR toll numbers.  There’s no difference.

GoToMeeting – we are charged 3.5 cents per minute ONLY if they use the toll free number.  We are NOT charged if they use toll or VoIP.

Therefore, if you just want to have a conference call, but avoid all phone charges, you can set up a GTM meeting and remove the toll free option and just have participants call into the meeting and not join the Web interface.

Echo and Feedback

I hear echo, feedback or background noise.

If you suspect that the echo is coming from an attendee, check to see who's talking at the bottom of the Audio pane in the Control Panel, and mute the attendee by clicking that person's Audio icon .

 If you dial in to the audio conference by telephone, make sure that you select Telephone from the Audio pane in the Control Panel instead of Use Mic & Speakers.

 Built-in or external speakers may cause an echo. Try lowering the speaker's volume.

 Built-in microphones on your computer or webcam can pick up noise and cause an echo. We don't recommend using built-in microphones. Try plugging in a USB headset to your computer.

 Try switching from Telephone to Use Mic & Speakers,or vice versaAttendees have the option of either unless the organizer disabled it.

Audio FAQ's

Connection Wizard

Tests and determines the ideal connection settings that GoToMeeting can make within your network. After running the wizard, you can store your optional connection settings on your Windows computer and use those settings in the future to connect to sessions.

For PC:    GTM Connection Wizard for PC

GoToMeeting Guides

Handouts and guides are available at: CTL > Instructional Tools > GoToMeeting

(.pdf, 89K)

Co-organizers are individuals who have access to the same organizer tools and features during a meeting that you do, and who can help you facilitate your sessions or even start it on your behalf.

(.pdf, 134K)

You need to establish a GoToMeeting account first.

(.docx, 365K)

Troubleshooting steps if you experience issues with audio quality.

(.pdf, 241K)
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