A Message from Union's Controller


To:          Dear Student

From:    Union, Account Balance

Date:     December 17, 2019

Re:         ***A Message from Union’s Controller - Update to Email Sent 12/16/19***

Dear Student,

    Yesterday you received an email from Union Institute & University informing you of your current balance.  These monthly notifications are a requirement of the University’s Title IV funding.  Typically the University notifies its students during the last month of the term on a date prior to posting tuition charges for the upcoming term.  Unfortunately, the emails were sent after the Business Office posted tuition charges but before the Financial Aid Office posted loans, grants, and scholarships.

   Please know that the amount includes your tuition and fee charges for the term beginning 1/1/20 (PhD) or 1/6/20 (non-PhD) but does not include your financial aid award.

   To verify your award package, please refer to your award letter or log into CampusWeb:

  • Click “My Financial Account”
  • Click “Financial Aid “ lower right hand corner
  • Click “Financial Aid” again
  • Click “Financial Aid Awards”



For financial aid issues, contact Financial Aid (1.800.861.6400 x2005).

For all other student account transactions, contact the Business Office (1.800.861.6400 x1095)

Thank you for choosing Union Institute & University as your education provider.