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Name Change Policy


Effective July 1, 2014, as revised


A student’s official name for records is entered into the student information system as provided on the student’s admission application. Once a student record has been created, the name cannot be changed without an official name change request with supporting documentation. The student name as listed in the student information system is how the name will be presented on official graduation documents (transcripts and diploma).


To submit a name change request, students (or graduates) must provide the Registrar's Office with the Name Change Form and documentation showing that the name has been officially (legally) changed. (A certified copy of a court order, a marriage license, or a dissolution decree reflecting the new name in full are examples of the documentation required to support an official name change.)


The registrar has the discretion to accept minor changes in name (e.g., adding or removing a middle name or middle initial or spelling corrections). In such instances, the student may be expected to provide documentation such as a current driver’s license with photo, social security card, or resident alien card.

Once the documentation is received in the Registrar's Office, the record will be changed. Students and graduates can check their name on the Student Master by accessing personal information at the top right hand of CampusWeb.