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The Business Office prepares weekly refunds on Wednesdays via check (mailed on Thursdays) or ACH transfer (deposited on Fridays). Enroll in our Refund by ACH! program and Go Paperless! Our Refund by ACH! program reduces paper waste and eliminates bank charges for you and the university.

Refund of Credit Balances - Excess Title IV or Scholarship/Adjustments of Tuition

Direct, Perkins and Plus loans and Pell, SEOG and state grants are refunded automatically; that is, students are not required to request a refund of excess Title IV funds. Refunds of excess Title IV funds are processed the week after financial aid is posted.

All other credit balances are available for refund by contacting the Business Office at or 800-861-6400 x1095.

Dropping Courses

If you receive financial aid, you will need to check with the Financial Aid Office, 1-800-861-6400 x2005 or before making changes to your registration by dropping courses. A decrease in credit hours may trigger a recalculation of eligible financial aid.

Refund Schedule

When tuition and fees are adjusted due to drops or withdraws, a credit balance may result. The amount to be refunded is based on a schedule unique to each program. Refund schedules are found in each program’s Registration and Tuition Policy. This information is also available in each program’s student handbook.