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We hope you will find this page helpful during your technical adventures here at Union. The topics on this page are items we think will be helpful as you navigate your way through classes at Union.
If you ever have a challenge, please call the Help Desk at 888-85-UNION or send an email to  Support is available 24/7 via phone.  Email support is available Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time.

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8.1 Upgrade Features

This document outlines the new Proxy Login Tools available with the 8.1 upgrade on 7/30/2014, formerly the Log in As feature.

(.pdf, 275K)
My Union Success Team (Retention)

Overview of My Union Success Team powered by Jenzabar Retention, which is a Virtual student retention tool that provides Early Alert Systems for at-risk students.

Training Videos and Handouts

(.pdf, 6121K)
CampusWeb Courses Help for Faculty - Managing Content
Read this document to copy course content from one section of a course into another section.
Past Courses -  At the end of a term, courses you were teaching become Past Courses and the system automatically moved them from under the My Courses link to Past Courses, which can be accesses from the Faculty Tab, Course Access link on the right side of the screen. 
Current Courses - These courses appear 1 week prior to the start of the semester and include all courses for the current semester (including 1st and 2nd session) under My Courses in the menu on the left.
Future Courses - These are any courses starting more than one week prior to the upcoming semester.  To access future courses, click on the Faculty tab.  Click on Future Courses under the Course Access on the left side of the screen.
(.pdf, 68K)
Directions for you to hide course pages from students until the session starts.
(.pdf, 311K)
CampusWeb Help for Students

If you are taking an online course via CampusWeb, use this checklist to ensure you are ready to pass your class with flying colors.  (Revised 3/15/2013)

(.pdf, 57K)

This document outlines the steps for posting in a forum. (Revised 9/26/2014)

(.pdf, 380K)
Directions for changing the default settings of the forums view and reply options. (Revised 6/24/2016)
(.docx, 46K)
This document gives directions on how to add your picture to CampusWeb.  (Revised 3/15/2013)
(.pdf, 44K)

How to resolve playback issues associated with embedded videos in CampusWeb courses.

(.pdf, 427K)
CampusWeb Courses Help for Faculty
Directions on how to add your contact information to CampusWeb from the Personal Info area.
(.pdf, 228K)
Directions for using the Handouts Portlet.  This portlet can be used for documents, video files and audio clips. 
(.pdf, 192K)
This document outline how to add your photo and office hours.
(.pdf, 265K)
These directions cover adding and editing content in a Free-form page/Custom Content portlet. Revised 11/6/2013
(.docx, 83K)
A Custom Content portlets may have several elements, follow these directions to change the order of how elements appear in the portlet.
(.pdf, 107K)

Directions on adding bookmarks and sets (or groupings) to the Bookmarks feature.  Updated for JICS 9.0.1

(.pdf, 488K)
This document explains how to add white space around text in the text editor using blockquote.
(.pdf, 549K)

Directions to re-name your courses to include, “Fall 1-” or “Fall 2 -” prior to the course code.  You may not adjust the course code.

(.pdf, 200K)
Directions for adding your syllabus to the Syllabus page in a course that does not have any content on this page.
(.pdf, 215K)
How to ensure your receive a copy of email you send from your CampusWeb course.
(.pdf, 145K)
Directions on creating PowerPoint with Audio, sending the file to IT and using the embed code.  Note:  Internet Explorer is not recommended for this process.
(.pdf, 129K)
This is a full manual for creating courses in CampusWeb.
(.pdf, 2297K)
IT is recommending you replace the Announcements portlet in all of your courses with the Blog portlet, as it is more user friendly.  See the Pages and Portlets document for information on adding portlets to pages
This document outline utilizing the Blog portlet.
(.pdf, 110K)

This document outlines the steps add pages and portlets to your courses in one easy step. 

Revised 5/18/2015

(.pdf, 240K)
Quick Guide to Making a Blog Post.
(.pdf, 120K)
Email/Webmail for Faculty and Staff

Memo from Communications/President's Office re: Email signature and disclaimer.

Updated 3/1/2016

(.msg, 48K)
CampusWeb Courses Help for Faculty - General Information
This checklist outlines what you need to do to ensure your online course is ready.
Rev. 4 8/14/2013
(.pdf, 293K)
The basics for getting your tutorial course ready in CW.
Revised 9/24/2013 
(.pdf, 406K)
The non-roster students feature allows you to let students who are not on the official course roster participate in all of the online aspects of the course.
(.pdf, 119K)
Effective June 13, 2013, a Course Organizer page is now available, which pulls together content from the forums, assignments, etc. so faculty and students can have a quick overview of content within the course.
(.pdf, 502K)
The usage stats in the courses are a very good tool to detect and confirm student engagement, but not an accurate measure of time spent in a course.  The reason is that one student may open a page, walk away for an hour, then come back and go to another page.  That doesn’t mean the student spent an hour in that class.  Another student may open a page, print it to read offline, and log out and they spent far more than the five minutes that may be indicated.  Another student may log in, click each page of a course and then log out and it will show many page counts, but the student didn’t actively spend time in the course.
Therefore, be careful about how and why the usage stats are used.  Yes, they can confirm if a student has gone into a course and clicked on a page, the last time they were in the course, etc., so they are a very helpful guide for the faculty if they have concerns about a student, but not a fair measure of time spent in a course or degree of engagement.
(.pdf, 523K)
This document explains how group leaders can add members to their group.
(.pdf, 152K)

If a faculty member wants to have another faculty member observe or participate in their course, they can add the other faculty to their course by following these steps.

(.pdf, 185K)

Instructions to add resources from Films on Demand. These methods will redirect users through UI&U's proxy server, allowing the student to log in with his or her Union ID. Due to variations in browsers and computer configurations, it is a good idea to provide alternative methods to view the videos. For more information, contact the UI&U Library, or Help Desk.

(.pdf, 560K)
Printers - Sharp

This guide covers the basic functions of the Sharp printer model C402.

(.docx, 1367K)
This is an detailed operation guide for the Sharp printer model C402.
(.pdf, 16417K)
CampusWeb Courses Help for Faculty - Coursework-Assignments Page
This document covers the Coursework-Assignments page in general, expanded and collapsed view of units, activating assignments, and editing due dates.
(.pdf, 243K)
Grading assignments is accomplished from the Coursework-Assignments page.
(.pdf, 344K)
Directions to dial multiple parties and join them into a single conference using a conference phone. Revised 10/2013
(.pdf, 102K)
These directions cover the initial set up of your UI&U Mitel phone.  They include the set up for your voice mail, password, and recording greetings.
(.pdf, 70K)
This guide covers how to use various features of the phone system, including programing buttons, and the Configuration Assistant for Forwarding and Do Not Disturb options.
(.pdf, 96K)
It is recommended you use this guide to complete the CTL 099 Professional Development Mitel phone training.
(.pdf, 263K)
OpenVoice Corporate Audio Conferencing
Learn how to access your OpenVoice account and manage it via the Web. Also, view the list of phone commands and options for during a meeting. Revised Jan. 31, 2018.
(.pdf, 563K)

The number for all Audio conferences is 866-951-1151.  Enter your room number and the # sign.

(.pdf, 277K)

You can print and use this card to keep your conference room information.

Updated 9/15/2015

(.pdf, 184K)

Echoes on the conference can be caused by several reasons. Some of the reasons are use of cell phones or speaker phones.

(.pdf, 198K)
CampusWeb Courses Help for Faculty - Forums
Follow these directions to receive an email notification when someone posts to a forum.
(.pdf, 184K)
Read this document if you are utilizing the word count feature in forums. (Revised 9/11/2012)
(.pdf, 66K)
If your forums are set up with an end date, (e.g.: a due date) once the date has past, all users including faculty will have read only access and not be allowed to post or reply.  Follow these directions to change the end date of forum topics.
(.pdf, 318K)
Directions for deleting fourms categories and topics.
(.pdf, 250K)
The Forum portlet lets you display a list of all people who have participated in a conversions and other details about activity. (Revised 9/11/2012)
(.pdf, 112K)
Directions on using the forum format for assignments and grading the forums that are integrated with the gradebook.
(.pdf, 771K)
Microsoft Office Help
Use this document to located and use the automatic reply feature to notify others that you are out of the office.
(.pdf, 494K)
A step-by-step guide for labels or email merges.
(.pdf, 9623K)
Directions for subscribing to SharePoint Announcements, so you can receive an email notification when changes are made.
(.pdf, 117K)
Voice Thread
This guide covers the basics of Voice Thread navigation and leaving comments.
(.pdf, 1691K)
CampusWeb Courses Help for Faculty - Attendance Page

How to take attendance in your course shell.

(.docx, 44K)
CampusWeb General Information
UI&U and CampusWeb Glossary of Terms.
Updated 11/5/2013 
(.docx, 122K)

How to lookup your Union ID number and/or reset your password to the default.

(.pdf, 142K)
Videos - Embedding Videos in CampusWeb
This document gives step by step instructions including the code for embedding videos you have created.
Note:  Recently, errors have occurred with this code when using IE.  We recommend using another browser.  
Revised 9/27/2013 
(.pdf, 288K)

These directions detail how to allow blocked content from the various browsers. Revised 2/23/2015.

(.pdf, 474K)
Step by step directions for embedding YouTube videos into your course.
(.pdf, 57K)

Instructions for Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox (most recent versions).

(.pdf, 191K)

GoToMeeting/Webinar vs. Adobe Connect Pro a side by side comparison of the products.

(.pdf, 320K)

GoToMeeting organizers on both personal and corporate plans can hold meetings with up to 25 attendees.

(.pdf, 152K)

GoToMeeting users can collaborate on documents, deliver presentations, perform product demonstrations and securely share confidential information from anywhere, at any time. Updated 1/25/17

(.pdf, 12963K)

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet.

(.pdf, 288K)
General Help Documents for Faculty
Transfer Big Files is free, after you select the files you want to send, they will email a link to the download page.  Revised 2/2013.
(.pdf, 60K)

Instructions for faculty to view their course evaluation results. Two pages.

(.pdf, 191K)
Course Evaluations for Faculty

How to see course evaluations for courses you supervise.

(.pdf, 478K)

Easy steps to access your course evaluation survey results.

(.pdf, 191K)
CampusWeb Courses Help for Faculty - Gradebook
This process can also be used for a S/U scale.
(.pdf, 93K)
Evaluations are similar to a Basic Format Assignment.
(.pdf, 165K)
Effective 10/23/2012 the Union Institute & University default grade scale available in CampusWeb has been updated to reflect new letter and numeric values.
(.pdf, 146K)
CampusWeb Online Meetings

How to add an Online Meeting Feature to your course or group.

(.docx, 684K)

Understanding the Online Meeting Room and Features.

(.docx, 2203K)

Turnitin for Students

If you would like to pre-check your writing using Turnitin, go to and create an account for yourself. (If your faculty member requires you to use Turnitin, please follow your professor's instructions.)

  • Click on the “Create Account” link in the upper right corner.
  • On the next window, where it says “Create a New Account” choose the “Student” link.
  • Follow the directions on the New User page. You must have a Class ID# (12518577) and a class enrollment password (writing) to complete your profile. (Do not cut and paste into these fields.)
  • Once enrolled, your class will show on your homepage.
  • Click on the class name and you will see the assignments and submissions for that class.
  • Choose any assignment to upload your paper.
  • Your Originality report will be ready in about 10 minutes. If you upload a revision to the same assignment, your report may take up to 24 hours.

If you already have a Turnitin account, click on the Enroll in a Class tab. Type in the enrollment ID and password (case-sensitive).

The class enrollment ID# is 12518577, and the enrollment password is writing.

(.docx, 14K)

This is a complete TurnItIn Feedback Studio Instructor Guide in PDF format.

(.pdf, 7703K)

Faculty members may request a Turnitin account from the Theresa Warren (Ext. 1228). Send your request to

(.pdf, 297K)

Submit a paper for plagarism review without creating a class or adding students.

(.pdf, 238K)
Adobe Connect Pro
This guide covers how to access an adobe room and best practices. (Rev. 5 - 8/5/2016)
(.pdf, 527K)

Includes configuring audio conference settings, starting the audio bridge, and making the recording public.

(.pdf, 398K)
Contains menu of keypad commands.
*2 - Mute/Unmute
*8 - Lecture mode, mutes everyone except moderator.
Updated 9/15/2015
(.pdf, 488K)

Essential steps for hosts to begin, run, and record a session.

(.pdf, 653K)
This series of tutorials feature videos and/or written documentation on features available to instructors and staff at qualifying institutional accounts.
CampusWeb Courses Help Videos for Faculty
This video shows how to add content to the About This Course portlet in CampusWeb.
This video shows how to add elements and reorder them in CampusWeb courses.
This video will show how to copy content from the template term into your course section.  This is for faculty teaching fully online courses.
This video shows how to edit the Syllabus page in CampusWeb courses.
This video shows how to add your photo, office hours, and personal infomation to CampusWeb.
This video demonstrates the various forum view / reply options.

Use this link to download a wallet card template to insert and save your conference room information.

Transfer Big Files is free for up to 30mb, after you select the files you want to send, they will email a link to the download page.

CampusWeb Courses Help Videos for Students
This video demonstrates the various forum view/reply options.
This video outline how to complete your CampusWeb courses.  Effective 9/26/2012 there is now a single sign on.  Therefore, you can skip the first 55 seconds of this video.
From this site, users can just click on the machine and then it dives into each machine function from the administrative pages, copy, document filing, image send and even the web interface.
Student Webmail

Video of the steps to add your Union student email account to your iPhone

A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam).

How to add a YouTube Account and change the default setting to enable uploading longer videos.

Microsoft Office 2010 Training
If you are still using version 2003 of Microsoft Office, download and install the free converter pack from Microsoft.
For all faculty and staff who use the Web interface for their email, this link provides information about how to use the web version of Outlook.
Word mail merge: A walk through the process.
This video explains the calendar sharing permissions in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

How to find your way around Microsoft Excel 2010 and make the most of its new features.

How to find your way around Microsoft Outlook 2010 and make the most of its new features.

How to find your way around Microsoft Word 2010 and make the most of its new features.

One self-paced lesson plus a quick reference card.

To help you get started, Adobe has prepared some very helpful information about the new features.

All Adobe Connect Pro video meeting rooms use the format: (where you'll replace roomname with the one for your meeting).

Faculty Notes for All Courses in CampusWeb

When teaching in CampusWeb, the following items should be checked for each course:
  • Ensure your Personal Info is accurate on CampusWeb
  • Up-to-date / Approved course syllabus is posted as a Downloadable Version
  • Send students an email prior to the start of class on how to get started
  • Check internet links are working and accurate (recommended completion 3-5 days prior to start)
  • Update Assignment Due Dates (recommended completion 3-5 days prior to start)
  • Confirm Assignments are Active /Visible (recommended completion 3-5 days prior to start)
  • Update any dates listed in the course content
  • Check that pages are visible to students
  • Check that the pages in the course are ordered correctly
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