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We hope you will find this page helpful during your technical adventures here at Union. The links on this page are items we think will be helpful as you navigate your way through courses at Union. If you ever have a challenge, please call the Help Desk at 888-85-UNION or send an email to

Student Email

Student Email
To access your student email at Union:
  • Visit the address (this will forward you to Microsoft's Office 365 page login page).  Your Sign in is your Union email address (for example,  Your default password is UIU plus the last six digits of your social security number (for example, UIU456789). 

Additional Options

  • Once you are in your student email, you can set your email to forward to another account, change your password, and get instructions for receiving email on a mobile phone.  To access these options, after you log into your email account, click the options button in the upper right corner then under my app settings, click on mail, then select the desired option.

CampusWeb Help

Overview of CampusWeb
If you forgot your Union ID#, you can reset it from the Help Desk page. Click here to jump to Password and ID Help. Click here for specific steps: CampusWeb ID Lookup. 
Click here for information on adding your picture to CampusWeb.
CampusWeb Courses:
Course Access
Students can see their courses listed under My Courses in CampusWeb one week prior to the start of the term or session. For students in the undergraduate program, this means they see courses in sessions 1 and 2 one week prior to each session. For the six-month terms, it is one week prior to the start of the six months. 
Courses no longer appear on the My Courses list the day as of midnight on the last day of the term.  However, students retain access to all past courses, even when the term ends.  Students can access past courses by clicking the Students tab in CampusWeb, going to the Your Courses page, then choosing  past courses from the All My Courses drop down menu. 
Click here to change the default forum view and reply options to the recommended settings.
Click here for directions to subscribe to forums (receive an email notification when someone posts or replies).
Click here to view a demonstration of each of the view/reply options in the forums.
Click here for directions on how to post in a forum.
Follow these directions if your course utilized the word count feature in forums.
Click here for directions on how to submit a file upload assignment in CampusWeb.
Click here for a guide to taking Online Quiz assignments in CampusWeb.

GoToMeeting for Students

GoToMeeting Attendee Guide (opens in a new window)

Click here for a written guide on everything you need to know to connect to GoToMeeting:

Click here for a video walk through on joining a session and your meeting features (1:35): 

Click here for more help with joining and audio issues: 

Additional troubleshooting

Adobe Connect Pro

  • Adobe Connect Pro is used for Video/Web conferencing and presentations at Union mostly in the doctoral programs.
  • For quick access to your Adobe rooms, visit the Virtual Campus at 
  • All Adobe Connect Pro video meeting rooms use the format: (where you'll replace roomname with the one for your meeting). 
    Adobe Connect Pro is used for the video portion of online meetings, while all audio is available via telephone using an audio conference service called OpenVoice (from Citrix Online).  The phone number for all Audio Conferences (called OpenVoice) is 866-951-1151. Then enter your room number and the # sign. 
  • Click here for directions on how to Upload and Share a PowerPoint Presentation 
  • Click here to view a Quick Reference Guide on accessing Adobe rooms, and Best Practices. 
  • Skype can sometimes interfere with Adobe Connect Pro.  Click here for guidelines on using Adobe Connect when you have Skype installed on your computer.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2016 Installation

As a Union student, you can install Microsoft Office 2016 for free.

Click here for written directions on how to install Microsoft Office 2016.

OpenVoice Audio Conferencing

The dial-in number for all conferences lines is the same: 866-951-1151. 
International Numbers - Please contact an Application Analyst at ext. 1228 or ext. 1107. 
The number for all Audio conferences is 866-951-1151. Enter your room number and the # sign. 
If your phone does not have a Mute button, you can press * then 2 and that will mute and unmute your phone line.

Turnitin for Students

If you would like to pre-check your writing using Turnitin, go to and create an account for yourself. If your faculty member requires you to use Turnitin, please follow your professor's instructions.

  • Click on the “Create Account” link in the upper right corner.
  • On the next window, where it says “Create a New Account” choose the “Student” link.
  • Follow the directions on the New User page. You must have a Class ID# (12518577) and a class enrollment password (writing) to complete your profile. (Do not cut and paste into these fields.)
  • Once enrolled, your class will show on your homepage. The class name is Turnitin For Students.
  • Click on the class name and you will see the assignments and submissions for that class. Make sure the "Class Portfolio" tab is selected at the top.
  • Choose any assignment to upload your paper.
  • Your Originality report will be ready in about 10 minutes. If you upload a revision to the same assignment, your report may take up to 24 hours.

If you already have a Turnitin account, click on the Enroll in a Class tab. Type in the enrollment ID and password (case-sensitive).

The class enrollment ID# is 12518577, and the enrollment password is writing.

Contact Theresa Warren by phone (800.861.6400, ext. 1228) or email ( if you have any questions.


When viewing embedded videos in CampusWeb, you may need to allow blocked content.  Click here for directions on allowing blocked content.

Voice Thread

Adobe Connect 9

Please contact Theresa Warren at: (513) 487-1228 or by email at if you would like personal training with Adobe Connect.  

General Videos and Links


Click here for a demonstration on navigating CampusWeb.  (It does not include CampusWeb Courses).
Click here for a demonstration on completing your CampusWeb courses.

Transfer Big Files

Transfer Big Files is free, after you select the files you want to send, they will email a link to the download page.  Click here to set up a free account.


A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam).  Click here for an introduction to VoiceThread.

Microsoft Office 2010

Click here for a video on Getting Started with Office 2010.

This video explains the calendar sharing permissions in Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Microsoft Office Compability Pack - If you are still using version 2003 of Microsoft Office, click here to download and install the free converter pack from Microsoft.
Click here for Microsoft Office Training Courses Available.

Click here for a video that will walk you through the process from Microsoft Office Word Mail Merge.
Click here for a video on Microsoft Outlook Conversation View.
Click here for a video on Word 2010 Duplex Printing.
Click here for a video that shares some of the features of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office 2013

Click here to view a video that shows how to download Microsoft Office 2013 free from your Union student email account.