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Adobe Connect is used for Video/Web conferencing and presentations at Union. For quick access to your Adobe rooms, visit the Virtual Campus at
Review the Adobe Connect Best Practices guide for meeting attendees.
The phone number for all Audio Conferences (called Open Voice) is 866-951-1151. Then enter your room number and the # sign.
All Adobe Connect Pro video meeting rooms use the format:
(where you'll replace roomname with the one for your meeting).
See detailed instructions at CTL > Instructional Tools > Adobe Connect.

Videos and Links

More videos and Links are found at CTL > Instructional Tools > Adobe Connect.

Correct Audio Settings

In the menu bar: Audio > Audio Settings

The URL for OpenVoice settings, recording, and web controls is Log on with your email address. The password is the same as you use for GoToMeeting. If you do not have a GoToMeeting account, create a password using the password reset link.

Remove Safari Sandbox Restrictions

Follow this link for detailed instructions to enable Adobe Connect to run in Safari

Remove Safari Sandbox Restrictions