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CampusWeb Groups

CampusWeb Groups are a way for users to collaborate on topics of shared interest. It is another way of creating a community. They are similar to CampusWeb courses in that they can have announcements, handouts, bookmarks, calendars and other information pertinent to the group. 


Faculty and Staff can submit an application to create a group using the Create New Campus Groups link on the right side of this page. The person who applies for the group will be the leader. Leaders have the ability to add content and add or invite new members. Groups can be public and users can proactively join or private, in which case users will be invited to join or added by the group leader.


Students can proactively join public groups by clicking on the Browse Groups link on the right side of this page. Public groups will be displayed with a Join link, private groups will have Closed listed. Once you join a group, a link to the group will appear under My Groups in the Quick Links.


Each group may be set up a little differently depending on the content posted. However, groups will have a Members Page, Group Directory, Discussion area and Public Page.

Group Leaders

Groups may be requested by any faculty or staff members of Union.  Students may not request a group, however faculty may request that a student be promoted to one of the leaders of a group.

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