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Union Institute & University has partnered with MBSDirect, a national provider of student textbooks, to offer you a fast, easy, and reliable way to purchase your textbooks.  

Please use the link below to be directed to the MBSDirect website.  


From there you will be able to find your textbooks by searching for term, program, and course name.  When you've located your books, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout.  Most orders are shipped directly to you within one business day and arrive, on average, within 3-10 business days.

Textbook Voucher Instructions
If your financial aid funds exceed your tuition costs you can request a book voucher to be used in the Union Virtual Bookstore only.
Step 1: Go to the Union Virtual Bookstore to view your options for your required texts. This will give you an idea of the dollar amount you will need to request for your book voucher.
Step 2: When you have determined the estimated dollar amount you can submit a book voucher request using this form. 
Step 3: Enter the dollar amount requested for your book voucher. Click Submit. Your request will be sent directly to the Business Office. You will receive an email notification within 24-48 hours (Mon-Fri operating hours) regarding your request. All correspondence is sent to your Union Institute & University email address.
Book voucher funds that are approved for the current term are available until one year from the term ending date.
Funds not used within a year from the term ending date will be forfeited.
I authorize UI&U to use financial aid funds to pay the bookstore voucher on my student account up to $500.00.  I understand any credit left at MBSDirect will expire one year from the end of the current term.
 If there are any questions, please contact:
Union's Business Office @ 800-861-6400 extension 1289.