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STEM education

Ok what the hell is he talking about? I studied Civil Engineering in college, and every engineering student has a wide range of required general education courses that include; Philosophy, History, Psychology, Economics, Communication, English, and Literature. This is the case at every single university I've been familiar with. However, in high school, while I was required to take English and Literature, one hour each, every day, every single year, I graduated without having ever used Microsoft Excel; something that set me behind other students when I arrived at college. I as the expert at hardly think those supporting expanding STEM focus in pre-college, are looking to take anything away that would have lessened by "broad" studies. Give me a break, it is a FACT that a "liberal arts" degree is worthless unless received from Harvard, Yale, or the like. Even excellent Universities like the one I attended, would not put a student in a good position to have a job, let alone contribute to society with a liberal arts degree. Fareed might just be delusional, did he attend an Ivy League school? Where your degree, could be in any single one of the departments and colleges, and lead to a job hiring and opportunity to succeed? I'd venture to guess he indeed did. It's a fact that we have a shortage of engineers in this country, it is a fact that we don't have nearly enough people to even fill the jobs available. These are facts, and pushing kids to more science and math skills will absolutely marginalize various other subjects taken to give them a rounded education and toolbox to better the world. Science provided me the opportunity to recognize things about human's affect on the environment, hell he mentions anthropology like it's not considered a science... are you kidding me? Anthropology is where you learn about evolution, something absolutely critical to an educated person's ability to see the world for what it is, and act accordingly. Sorry, but this is ill conceived.