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#1 -- homework

As a Spanish teacher (if interested, e.g. try our writing service to find out more about our courses), I assign two types of homework: flash cards so they learn vocabulary, and projects. I'm so glad to see that for many of the respondents, projects are a favorite form of homework, because it allows students to use what they've learned. 
I note that many of the reader responses are about math homework. Before the bell rings, many of my kids are doing their math homework. I feel bad assigning homework because I know my students have at least one hour of math homework every night. Math consumes their time after school. Are we insane? If math courses are so demanding that kids have little time for anything else, the expectations are WAY out of proportion, and those who set standards need to rethink our expectations. It seems to me that this math craze is headed toward the following scenario: 1st grade they learn addition and subtraction, 2nd grade multiplication and division, 3rd grade fractions, and 4th grade they're ready for algebra. Someone needs to stop the math insanity! No one really needs to know matrices (algebra 2 stuff) to be successful in life except those who make careers in STEM.