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Why digital textbooks aren’t as popular as anyone might think?

It is a fact that eBooks were introduced with the intention to provide students a rich experience of consuming the subject material in a digital format. However, the case has not been as fruitful as expected, as there are a number of reasons that contribute in the case of students not preferring digital textbooks over physical ones.

Although, there are many reasons to blame, but here I’m going to discuss that I consider to be not critical, but quite a frustrating one.

Most eBooks couldn’t be sold or lend

Unlike the hard papers, your eBook is unable to travel. So if you giving enough to lend your guides and subject material with your class mates, or look to make some money at the semester end by selling the textbook, then being an eBook holder isn’t going to help you much. You might be the biggest high school essay help reliance for most of your class mates as you are known to share your findings and help other understand your subject material, but the eBook is going to contain you strongly.