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Top Tips for a Veterinary Career

Trying to be a veterinary nurse requires something more than just loving animals. The career is more than overwhelming at times, though the rewards are usually well worth it. However, you have to be prepared to be hands-on in most situations. Read on for some tips if you’re considering taking up one of the veterinary nursing jobs available near you:

1. The Passion:

Since a veterinary nurse is dealing with animals, they must also meet with the owners of these animals in order to evaluate just what’s going on. Plus, there should be a measure of instinct when it comes to helping any animal who needs it.

You may also find yourself giving voluntary work from time to time. This is only to be expected, just like a doctor for humans would give up practically his whole life if they are dedicated enough.

2. Certifications:

Qualifying to be a veterinary nurse requires several certifications. The most common required certification in Australia, for instance, is the Certificate IV, which is given in Veterinary Nursing. This would assure veterinary clinics and hospitals that you are skilled and trained in animal handling, occupational health, animal welfare, basic care and animal management, hygiene, teamwork, and safety.

There may also be some reception duties involved when you’re a veterinary nurse. Your certification may qualify you for this aspect of your job.

3. The Art of Networking:

Several professions have networking as a reliable method for working your way up. You may be surprised to learn that veterinary nursing is no different.

You would find several veterinary practices hiring nurses on the basis of someone’s recommendation rather than a CV from the applicant. They are also more likely to follow up on references. This is because there’s a huge responsibility on veterinary nurses and their employers need that extra level of trust.

Hence you should consider being active in social media circles in your relevant field. Communication and updates with your local veterinary clinics is also a good idea for keeping yourself in the loop.

4. The Importance of Volunteering:

Volunteering is the best way to gain experience as well as make you a recognized presence in the veterinary nursing industry. You should hence look at the possibility of animal shelters and animal welfare organizations.

The Animal Welfare League, WWF, and the RSPCA are all good places for starting your volunteering streak. These would look great on your CV and give you a confidence boost when you do start your veterinary nursing career. Not to mention, you would be helping with some very important and worthwhile causes.


No matter where you are in your veterinary nursing career, know that you’re an essential element of veterinary healthcare in any country. This is a career that demands personal as well as professional skills. Be prepared to learn something new and develop your experience every single day, along with adapting to demanding situations.

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