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The Difference between a High School and College

Though you might be aware that the worlds of high school and college couldn’t be further apart. But there a few comparison you must remind yourself when you are transiting from your high school to college.

In high school, it’s quite easy to know people around, contrary to the college where you are lucky enough to at least everyone.

In high school, you get your textbooks for free, while at the college you need to spend money from your pocket to get those books.

In high school, you can live with your parents, whereas in college you are mostly living independently with your friends.

In high school, you are always required to wake up early in the morning to attend classes, while in college you can get just before your first class.

In high school, you need to follow a schedule designed by others, whereas in college you have the liberty to design your own schedule as per your convenience.

In high school, you need to spend a whole day at school, while in college you can plan your day as you like.

In high school, you may not get the experience you require to do well in your professional life, but at the college, you can even buy a degree online through the experience you have earned through learning new skills inside your campus.