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Technological Advances In Education

The last ten years have been extraordinarily fruitful in technological advances applicable to education in order to offer the best and most important experiences for students and to extend this to a growing number. It is absolutely proven that the use of «multimedia» improves the learning of the students and at the same time reduces the time of instruction and the costs of teaching.

There are many cultural factors that affect learning; therefore students need a wide range of experiences that include real aspects, visual representations and abstract symbols. The new needs and job expectations that the student has advise a greater participation of the same in the learning through the active methods of investigation and experimentation.

The use of technology to improve communication requires changing routine methods for more agile ones to achieve educational goals infect mostly professional writers provide assignment help service thought latest technologies. The great resistance of the teaching staff to these changes is due to the fact that breaking the routine disturbs a habitual situation. Also, it is inexactly believed that the new media dehumanize teaching, displace teachers and that education will become automaton without the human quality that gives the communication between teacher and student.

Nowadays, with the increase of the disciplines of study, the content of the same, the specialization and the increase of the professional demand, what really happens and what the educators generally forget, is that the true humanization and The personal seal can only be achieved with the appropriate use of technological resources, which free the teacher from routine work and the mere transmission of information, to enable him to carry out the work of guidance and guidance in the training of his students.