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Types Of Roof The Roofing Contractors AnnArbor Provides

 To prevent houses from any hazards the roofing companies always use such material for construction of the building especially roofs so that no damage occurs. Roofing company always keep in mind the demand of the client and his budget so they provide package according to the need of the customer. It is the duty of the Roofing contractors Ann arbor to define the features of the type of roof to the customers so that it becomes easy for them to make the decision for roof types they need.

There are different types of roofs available made of different material. Each one depends on the durability and resistance to the particular environment. Another important factor is to consider is the salt in the air so the roofing company prefers to install tough and resistant material roofs.  The common roof material the contractor mainly uses are discussed below

Metal roofing

The galvalume steel roofs are very much in trend these days because of their extreme resistance to severe weather. Zinc as well as aluminum type also favorable roof type in extreme climatic conditions. There are numerous designs, styles, and colors available in these types you can choose according to your need. Some of the reasons why people are using metal roof

  • The properly installed roof has a long-lasting life. It can bear different weather conditions like winds, heavy snow, and hurricane.
  • These are lightweight roof types as compare to clay and concrete.
  • The weight of metal roof is just between 50 to 150 pounds.
  • The best part of this type of roof is that workers can easily install on the more pro position
  • Another important factor that makes metal roof suitable is that it is fire resistance.

Asphalt shingles roofs

It is considered as number one selling material in theUSA. The best grade asphalt sheets can resist 130 MPH or 150MPH. The type of roof has excellent insulation. They come in flat form or 3 D structure form. Different shapes and textures are available. It is resistant to hail, wind, fire and UV rays.

  • Shingle inhibit the growth of algae in humid conditions this is because when it gets wet, it releases zinc or copper granules that do not allow the algae to grow thus keeping the roof algae free.
  • The roof can remain safe even in severe exposure to fire.

Due to extreme climatic conditions, the construction laws have defined many code changes in the construction guidelines. The roofing contractors follow these guidelines and suggest material according to the weather situations. Roof manufacturing companies do special testing and get approval from the construction inspection department for final installation. Always choose the reliable roofing company that can understand your needs and provides the best roofing service for your building.