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Benefits of Outplacement Assistance

If your company is going to have a downsizing or layoff event, you must consider providing the outplacement services to the employees who are going to suffer due to this event. Outplacement services are very necessary as they provide emotional and practical assistance to the off going employees and enable them to move on to another job as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the organization to take care of its employees and outplacement services are a part of the social responsibility of the company.

Why do your company need to provide outplacement assistance?

Outplacement services are very beneficial as they enhance the image of a company. The laid-off employees will maintain a healthy relationship with your organization, and you can help them by caring for their future. Outplacement assistance is of great importance to an organization, following are the main benefits of providing these services to the laid off employees:

Liability protection:

To avoid any legal action or possible grudges between you and your employees, you must provide outplacement services so that the laid off employees transit smoothly into the job market. Caring for your employees is your social responsibility, and even if they are no longer your employees, you must help them regarding their future.

Enhanced corporate image:

The image is of most importance these days, and outplacement services prove to be a good way to build your reputation. Providing the off-going employees with transfer options and access to the job market will enhance your image and prove that you are fulfilling your corporate responsibility as an employer.

Satisfaction of current employees:

Laying off and downsizing is a big event, and it affects everyone, including those employees who have not been laid off. The current employees will always fear this event, and if you haven't provided outplacement assistance to the off-going employees, it will have a negative impact on the current employees. To increase the productivity of your company, you must consider providing these services.

Reduction in unemployment:

By providing the outplacement assistance, you are in a way taking part in reducing unemployment in the society. This is because, by providing career management, networking advice, and resume assistance, you will make sure that the laid off employees find a good job as soon as possible. Outplacement services make sure that the unemployed people get back to work easily. This step can help you build a good reputation in the job market too.