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Why is essay help today the saviour of the students?

The first writing that any student learns to write is an essay. Essay writing has been in every academic institute’s curriculum since ages irrespective of any academic level. An inseparable part, writing an essay is still being considered as a parameter of judging merits. In a comparison with the yesteryears, the pressure on the students in the academic section has risen which have led them to take essay help which has become their saviour.

The internet sees a lot of service providers giving reliable academic services to the students today. And students on their part too are flocking there to avail it. The number is slowly rising, and we can see that the service has become part and parcel of every student's life. But what does this service is all about and how does it help the students that it has become their saviour. Let us have a brief look at the reasons.

Taking essay help online has led the students to save a lot of time and their effort in managing their hectic daily schedule to squeeze out some time to allot it to writing their assignments. This makes a student’s life easy as he/she has to take no headache or responsibility. Once the paper is ordered, it is the responsibility of the online assignment expert to write and finish the essay paper and give it back to the student.

Taking help with essay writing has a lot of advantages too. Firstly, the service providers do all the kinds of essays that are required. They serve the students with more than twenty types of essay papers starting from a simple descriptive essay to the most complex admission essay. Through this students do not have to think or understand what to write and how to write.

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How Harvard's CS50 Renewed My Hope for Online Education


Harvard, MIT, and other Ivy League universities were initially quite hesitant to offer courses online since it was mostly associated with shady, low-quality universities and colleges. Well, it’s very understandable because the majority of the courses offered online are often not up to the expected standards and are just a repetition of what’s available on platforms such as YouTube. A sad state of things, however, its courses such as Harvard's CS50 that are restoring the faith in online education. Online education is here to stay and it’s best that we embraced the idea. The internet, in general, has revolutionized the education sector across the globe.

Online education has grown tremendously over the years. Tutors are available to help you solve problems such as math, social studies, how to write a thesis statement, how to learn to programme, and so on. However, it’s pertinent that one exercises caution in identifying which courses to take and on which platforms. Some platforms are misleading and are a total waste of your time. It’s precisely for this reason that I have decided to share my experience with Harvard's CS50. A lot of people are desperate to find the real thing, I know I was! Here’s why this course renewed my hope for online education.

About The Course

CS50 an introduction to computer science course is no ordinary course. From that first lecture to the moment you finally conclude it, it will be nothing but fun, exciting and thought provocative. It’s a 13-week program (though subject to change) available online on edX. Topics covered by the syllabus include:

Resource management

Data structures



Software engineering


Security, and

Web development

Expect also to learn some programming languages that include: Python, HTML, C, JavaScript plus CSS and SQL. The advantage to taking this course is that it isn’t restrictive, anyone can take the course. Whether you have intentions to concentrate on computer science fully or not, have prior knowledge on programming or not! 68% of those taking the course have no prior knowledge on programming.

Professor David Malan

It’s practically impossible to talk about Harvard’s CS50 without mentioning David Malan, Gordon McKay Professor. The two are almost synonymous with each other. On campus, he has an almost celebrity status thanks to his lecturing techniques. Anyone including me who has had an opportunity to sit through his lectures can attest to his excellent mode of delivering content, and of course, it’s worth mentioning his TAs. It’s their combined efforts that brought the course to get recognition and receive good reviews on edX, CourseTalk, and Class Central.

To give an idea of the impact that he’s had on the course, have a look at the course’s enrollment history:

Alumni of the course himself, Malan started teaching the class in the fall of 2007. Then, the enrollment numbers were below the hundred mark. When they launched CS50x, the online version for the course in 2012, enrollment was at 150,349 registered students, while on campus was at 706 students.

The numbers have since remained high compared to other courses on campus,

As of fall 2016, data from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar’s Office revealed that 702 students had enrolled for the course.

He can be transcribed as a perfectionist, and I must highlight the fact that I left the class feeling empowered thanks to his lectures. You leave the course very capable of putting what you learned into practice.

Learning Resources

Unlike other online courses where lecturers get teaching material from YouTube and other online Platforms without giving any finer details, this course has gone the extra mile and given you a chance to learn online as you would in a lecture hall. Taking the course offers the following:

Two lectures per week

9 (in some cases 10) problem sets (10 to 20 hours each)

A final project

Shorts(5–15-minute videos): of TAs explaining lecture concepts with additional examples

Walkthroughs(1–3-minute videos): David Malan guides you over the lecture’s sample code at a rather slow pace

Section(5–30-minute videos): Harvard teaching fellow explains lecture concepts in depth

All these are available on edX and for free unless you want a certificate which you can get for $90. Other than the lectures, each week offers a series of the videos identified above.


You can access some educational services such as blogs on education, resume and essay writing services, on platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and edX among others. Harvard University is one of the top-notch universities globally, and as expected, they have not disappointed either with the Harvard CS50x.

The Harvard Crimson described the course as “a cultural touchstone, a lifestyle, a spectacle,” It’s not just them with praise, “It changed my life” this is according to Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO and alumni of Harvard herself though she had majored in a different course.

Personally, the course gave me a thorough understanding of programming but at the same time taught me how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.