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IT Solutions - An Overview for Readers

An Information Technology solution or IT solution is a combination or set of different software and services that are provided to the customers in the form of a single package. There are many service providers, IT vendors, and Value-added resellers that are selling their packages, software suits, and service bundles with a label. The purpose is just to convince the buyer that after purchasing this suit their problem will be completely solved. They also ensure that their solution is a perfect deal to solve the complicated situations. 

The Software IT Solutions

There are many vendors and software developers who have an individual product in the form of the software solution. For example, for a vendor, an antivirus program of software can be a solution for those who are suffering from a malware and it is helpful in solving their problem. In other words, an IT solution can be called as an aggregation of services and products in relation to a single discrete product. In simple words, it is known as a solution. So in an antivirus solution, there may be many other programs like a spam filter and a backup service provider.

Types of IT Solution Providers

It was the year 1980 when the value-added resellers started to market themselves as solution providers and solution sellers. Now a day they are also known as a channel partner. Both VAR and channel partners try to be close to their clients. The reason is just to know their IT related problems and to develop solution suits to solve their problems. There are many system integrators that come under the same category and their task is also to provide many software and consultation in the form of customization and implementation.

The Rise in Network Solutions

After the rise and advancement in technology local area network come into the existence and it also resulted in an increase of network solutions. So there are many customers that need help in network design and also they need support to install a perfect network. The network integrators are also known as network-oriented resellers and their main focus is on NetWare products. They are now also diverting towards Windows and open source operating solutions.

With the advancement in the internet, the IT Solution industry is experiencing a rapid touch in many directions. So from 1990 to 2000, many managed service providers came into existence. These companies took the advantage of the Internet to see the problems of their clients from a remote location. 

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