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How To Make A Good Summary

6 Basic Steps for Make a Good Summary

  1. Exploring the theme and subtopics: The first step towards a good summary is to read the text to get a general idea of ​​its content.
  2. Organization of content: This step can be carried out in conjunction with the first and consists of identifying the different parts that make up the text mentally, to begin to get an idea of ​​the extent and depth that will be required in our summary.
  3. Notes in the margin: Before starting to work on the summary itself, it is convenient to add clarifications and notes in the margin with points and keywords. This task will greatly facilitate the subsequent summary.
  4. Underlining the essential information: This operation distinguishes the most important information, which cannot be missing, from that most secondary or dispensable.
  5. Content scheme: Once identified the most important parts and the essence of the text, make a mental outline or map that allows us to visualize all the content and their relationships can help us not only with the writing of the summary but also memorization of the information.
  6. Writing: The 5 steps above are just a preparation to facilitate the creation of the summary itself. At this point, we will have to get down to work and start writing.

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