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How to Find LSAT Prep Courses?

LSAT is a graduate school exam for law students, which requires a rigorous preparation plan and resource materials. A number of prep options are available on the web, where LSAT prep courses may be benefited from online. If you prefer crash courses to online study, we have a few options for you too. Keep reading to get to those options that have been mentioned toward the end of this article.

This website has been designed specifically for LSAT and those willing to opt for the legal profession. In an attempt to make LSAT instruction an affordable choice for most law aspirants, 7Sage offers LSAT course bundles, free explanation of LSAT questions, and personalized study schedules.

The various course bundles available on 7Sage comprise of LSAT Ultimate+, LSAT Ultimate, LSAT Premium and LSAT Starter. Each course comes for a different price, incorporating a personalized study schedule in each one with 3 methods for each section: blind review, foolproof and memory.

Manhattan Prep LSAT

Manhattan Prep is yet another popular name when it comes to graduate school exams such as GRE, SAT and LSAT. If you are looking for a comprehensive LSAT prep course, Manhattan Prep has you covered with its featured LSAT prep options. The most popular course for LSAT is the Live LSAT Course, followed by the Private Tutoring Package that provides a 1-to-1 personalized method of instruction.

Then, it has the Interact LSAT Course which has been reviewed as the most flexible of all featured prep courses. For the last-minute panic-stricken individuals, Manhattan Prep has designed CrunchTime, a course package for those last-minute strategies.


This website is also extending LSAT prep courses both live online and in-person. An on-demand course prep option is also available which enables each student to design one’s own study schedule. This particular package is available worldwide 24/7. Sounds like a hot deal to me!

The in-person prep package is limited to certain cities and not such a convenient option, but you have the live-online prep package, accessible from around the world, at a cost less than the in-person package.

Kaplan LSAT Prep

This is another very eminent name in the industry for graduate school exam preparations. Kaplan also provides 4 different types of course packages for LSAT preparation. Each one varies from the other in terms of cost and setting.

A classroom course is available with an expert LSAT teacher close to your location. If you prefer online earning, Kaplan has designed the Live Online course prep packager for you. Online or in-person tutoring is another, more expensive option available on Kaplan’s website. Decide which one you think suits you and your wallet.

LSAT Center

Now, for those adamant to look up tuition centers for LSAT prep course, find an LSAT class near your location by navigating to the LSAT Center website. Through this website, you can find live courses in major cities across USA. It enables you to find LSAT prep courses with the following options:

  • Live class
  • Online LSAT class
  • Self-study LSAT prep course
  • One-on-one LSAT tutors