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MyCleanPC Makes Speeding Up Your PC Simple

There are a whole lot of reasons your PC might be running slowly. Cumbersome adware, too many cluttered files, disc fragmentation or too many RAM hogs are just some of the most common problems. Unfortunately, it’s hard to speed up your PC if you’re not sure of exactly what’s slowing it down. This is where MyCleanPC comes in

MyCleanPC doesn’t just identify and solve any one issue slowing down your computer—it identifies and resolved all of the contributors of a slowdown. Instead of having to go through an manually clean caches, trash files or clean up programs, MyCleanPC does it all at the press of a button. In just minutes, it’s possible to optimize your computer and correct any of the issues that may be causing operational slowdowns. Built-in features include:

  • Malware cleaner that removes any adware, spyware or bloatware that might be throttling speeds or jamming up your processes.
  • Disc defragmentation capabilities that clean up your hard drive and enable everything to run smoothly and efficiently.
  • File cleaner that removes temporary files, fixes corrupted files and cleans outdated or unnecessary registry files.
  • Cache cleaner that empties the caches of your various files, system processes and web browsers.
  • Startup manager that controls what processes launch on startup, conserving your RAM and improving system speed.

With these features and more, My Clean PC makes operating system maintenance convenient and simple, not to mention thorough and completely customizable.

Scheduled scanning

What’s more convenient than being able to completely sweep through your computer and clean it up for faster speeds? The ability to schedule maintenance, of course! MyCleanPC offers a “set it and forget it” feature that allows PC users to schedule when they want to clean their system and to what degree. My Clean PC will run tasks accordingly in the background, working hard to keep your computer running smoothly and functioning flawlessly.

Operating system-specific

Each iteration of Windows is different and has its own speed-related concerns to worry about. While many other PC cleaner programs simply add features with each new operating system, MyCleanPC actually offers versions of the program optimized specifically for your version of the Windows OS. Choose from:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

No matter what version you have, you’re covered. Best of all, if you decide to upgrade (or downgrade), there’s a version of MyCleanPC ready for you to use!

U.S.-based tech support

Problems always have a way of popping up on our computers and often, cleaning your PC flushes them out. If you encounter problems during or after using My Clean PC, it’s easy to set them straight! MyCleanPC is backed by U.S. tech support specialists who can provide an accurate diagnosis and insightful solutions, to get everything restored to proper working condition. Use MyCleanPC with the full confidence!

Cleaner means faster™

Tidying up your computer may seem like a chore, but it’s something that needs to be done to keep it running quickly and smoothly. Instead of spending countless hours performing maintenance tasks manually, let My Clean PC do the work for you. You’ll get the full confidence that comes with a reputable piece of software and all of the convenience that comes with comprehensive maintenance oversight. All of this results in a cleaner computer, and cleaner means faster™!