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Job Interview - What should You do after that?

Job interview is the most important step in your career search and if you are selected or called for job interview you have applied for, you are lucky. Now you have gone through with the job interview and the next question is that what should you do after that? Yes my friends, there are many people who commit mistakes and lost their chance of getting their desired career. Now we will discuss what should you do after your career interview. Apply these career guidelines to make your job interview successful.

Job Interview-Don’t Call Your Employer Daily

I will share an example of my friend who, after his job interview, used to call daily to the hiring manager to inquire whether he was selected or not. After about three days of seeing the same number come up on caller ID, the hiring manager rejected him. Just imagine yourself in place of the employer and think what you will do in such cases. I hope your decision will be the same as that employer made in case of my friend. So, never call to your employer after your job interview and just wait for the decision. If you are qualified for that career opportunity, the company will contact you.

Exact Strategy after Job Interview

Now, if you have made it to the job interview, you have earned a little more scope. Ask the following questions before leaving the job interview place:

  • What is your timeline for filling this position?
  • I’d love to follow-up with you
  • How can I contact with you etc.

Asking these questions, the employer will understand that you are interested in that career. If you are the only who asked such type of questions, you might have the priority on others. After you have made that initial job interview follow-up call, don’t revert to your previous follower ways and leave a voicemail every day. But the most appropriate way to check in with them, either by phone or email every week.

Online Submission a Link of your Interest

It is the useful method to get the attention of your employer. Write an article or short essay on your career niche, add some great achievements or contributions of the company you are applying for and submit it to famous article submission sites like Ezinearticles. Then send the link of your article to the hiring manager to show him your interest in their company. I am 100% sure; you will get the priority in final selection.

Job interview is the turning point of your life, so take it seriously and apply every effort to make it successful. Follow good and successful people and have a conversation session with them. Ask them the career and job interview strategies and make a list. It will give you a direction to move and minimize the rejection chances in your job interview.