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5 Hot Culinary Internships of 2017

As tourism industry develops in a country, hotel industry gets boom too. This gives demand to highest paying hotel management and culinary jobs. For this purpose, one can locate many schools teaching culinary and other related careers. On the other hand, there are number of the institutes who are not only teaching culinary but also offers training in terms of internships. One can locate numerous institutes which is considered best in terms of their teaching techniques as well as culinary internships. So we selected top five of them and describe each in bit details.

Dorsey Culinary Arts Training Program:

Dorsey Culinary arts training program is a program offered by Dorsey Schools Culinary Academy. They teach culinary art through latest techniques and high-end latest kitchen equipments. Moreover, they believed best teaching is through on the spot teaching especially this type of profession requires on the spot training. The courses offered in this school include menu planning, kitchen planning, sanitation and food preparation. In cooking their main focus is on cooking healthy and hygienic food, butchering and baking while nutrition is their main consideration.

Macomb Community College:

This school works under the supervision of American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, and National Restaurant Association. Onecan enroll in avariety of different programs such as party art, menu planning, catering, and nutritional cooking. They not only teach but also train their students through a student-run restaurant. In this restaurant, all the work from preparation to serving is done by students. Graduated students are then entitled as afirst line supervisor in food preparations.

International culinary School at the Art Institute of Michigan.

This school offers diplomas and graduate programs. They prepare their students to meet everyday challenges in the relevant field. They built confidence in their students through participating and winning different competitions. The studentlearns through state of the art equipment and tool. The students after graduates can easily get entry level job at any of the high-end organization.

Washtenaw Community College:

Washtenaw Community College is one of the top culinary schools in the town.This institute offers avariety of degree programs as well as diplomas. They not only teach bakery and pastry making but also teach bakery management and merchandising. They prepare their students to develop a fully organize bakery in the town. They teach their students both modern and conventional techniques.

The Culinary Studies Institutes at Oakland Community College:

The culinary studies institutes at Oakland Community college are one of the leading culinary schools. They offer awide variety of programs to prepare a student to work in professional manners. Their course work includes abuffet, restaurantmanagement, meet cutting and other retail banking. Theme cakes, wedding cake designs, and chocolate artistry are one of the options one can select as majors.