Your face can get lift tightened and redefined in just 45 minutes to produce results that may last up 12 months. This is performed in a procedure known as Silhouette Soft thread lift. This procedure is unique in its own way in that it combines 2 different treatment effects. First, it produces a discreet and instant lifting effect. Once the thread has been applied, the doctor usually reshapes the treated region. Secondly, there is the gradual and natural effect of regeneration that takes place. The latter effect happens as the Poly-L-lactic acid, which is a collagen stimulator thread get absorbed through the skin that makes them stimulate the production of collagen to restore a natural facial shape on you.


Do you qualify for Non-Surgical Silhouette Soft Thread Lift?


So, who can undergo a thread lift treatment? Well, it is important to know who can qualify for such a procedure before applying it to yourself. Ideally, these thread lift non-surgical procedures are appropriate for men and women who are more than 30 years of age and are experiencing some sagging skin on their facial contours leading to the facial wrinkles and creases. This procedure is applicable for all types of skins. However, it may not be suitable for anyone with a skin subtle to biomaterials or is allergic to them.


Silhouette Soft Thread Lift Treatment Procedure


Silhouette Soft comes with some benefits. For one, the Silhouette threads when mixed with dermal filler and Sculptra procedures tend to produce better results. With this process, results are noticeable immediately with no downtime.

Maybe at this point, it would be important to know what is involved in the process. Ideally, can only be conducted with the help of a certified professional for the achievement of the best results. It starts with the application of an anesthetic on the area to be treated. After that, threads are inserted under your skin prior to using them in order to reshape the region to produce the desired lifting effect.

With this procedure, no incision is needed since the thread gets inserted with the use of a very fine needed. Again, no stitches will be needed since the threads get held up in a single place using absorbable cones that is placed in opposite direction to each other. The number of threads applied for this kind of procedure could be one or several of them. This depends on the anticipated outcome.


How Long Should You Wait for Results to Show?


The non-surgical Silhouette Soft Thread lift process may take between 45 and 60 minutes. The results are observable immediately and should be expected last for a year or so. However, complimentary reviews are done at 6 weeks where the results are discussed and assessed based on what was done, the current state and the desired outcome.

It is also important to establish what downtime to expect following the procedure. Some patients may go back to their routine work or even in social engagement soon after the procedure is complete. After a thread placement, there will be a number of needle marks on your face that will be visible throughout the day but you can cover it using makeup the following day.

Some people will experience some minor swelling and bruise around the points of insertion and this may get sorted in about 5-10 days. In such a case, it may be impractical to resume normal duties immediately. Ideally, you may feel some tenderness around the inserted threads for about a week or so.


What to do after the Procedure


Once the Silhouette Soft Thread procedure has been conducted, there is a post-procedure care that should be followed for effective results and healing. First, you will be required to sleep facing upwards for about 3 to 5 days. Again, you will not be required to sunbathe, tan beds and engage in any sporting activity for about two weeks (14 days). Other things to avoid include saunas, swimming pools, spas and dental surgery for about 3 weeks (21 days). For men, they should not shave for about a week (7 days).




This type of technology applied to people’s body to work on their facial appearance has been in use for some time now. The threads are usually made under high-quality controls and have been used by doctors and plastic surgeons around the world. Common side effects that are temporary include the usual swelling and bruising that will take at most 10 days to resolve. Some dimpling and puckering may also be experienced at the insertion points but again, this will disappear in a few days.