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Sand washing machine
Trommel type sand washer

Trommel type sand washer

The Trommel Screen is also called rotary screen or drum screen, which screening the material into different size.


The bucket is driven by the motor through the reducer and rotates in circle. There are many sand storage web grooves and bucket screen for sand storage and primary dewatering. When the bucket moves, sand can be put out by sand storage web groove after being cleaned in the cleaning tank and primary dewatered on the bucket screen.


Flowing slurry water is extracted by slurry pump, fine sand is collected by the centrifugal force of the cyclone, then fed to the polyurathane screen from the apex spray. The 0.16-3mm fine sand and water are efficiently separated through the vibration screen.


coarse sand (3-10mm) and fine sand (0.16-3mm) are fed onto polyurathane vibrating screen for dewatering.

Strategies for SEO marketing through search engines

Strategies for SEO marketing through search engines
The new Google search platform has evolved significantly, especially in search of SEO marketing, in case you did not know this serves to see what the positioning of the web pages, so when entering Google Search you can find the best, through of a keyword.
Having a good SEO marketing, is going to be the main factor if you want to promote a campaign, to position your website within google. But for this you must first complete the first stage, and establish your keyword, it must be well identified, you must have specific and generic searches, and then determine what the real purpose of that keyword will be. consultor seo

Search engines for SEO marketing
Today in this article you will know a little, about what are those strategies that you can use for SEO marketing. The first strategy that you must put into practice, is that if something is working well, you should not stop doing it, but instead increase it. With this, it will achieve that SEO search performance will grow weekly.
Another strategy that you must take into account, is that within the Google industry, there are new issues that should be explored. The only thing that should cause you a bit of concern would be the general analysis of the website, so you can know how the results are, in which Google will also include those based on the images, the recommendation by us, would be that perform more concrete actions such as the meta descriptions and the label in the main titles.
Finally only you have to build what will be the success of your page, once you have searched for the model of your keyword, which must have a high average click, which will ensure that the clickthrough rate is high , in this way you will be suggesting that the content that is on your page is relevant for users, since they are looking to go deeper into a specific topic in order to find good results.
All these sets will help you to evaluate the scenario, where the keyword is. Through the search console, you can explore the performance of SEO marketing and the possibility of seeing your success in the medium and long term.
With all these strategies you can make an evaluation plan, which can be quarterly so you will know how much is the success of the keyword with respect to another. posicionamiento web barcelona.

SEO and marketing; different disciplines that must work together

SEO and marketing; different disciplines that must work together

SEO is considered a new discipline, within the marketing of web pages, but because of this the content that is in marketing, has been left by many users, which is a mistake, since both disciplines, ie marketing and SEO, should work hand in hand, if we really want to reach success.
Although there are big differences in marketing and SEO, they can work together in the same way. But how can that be done? For example, if we have a website that is penalized, it is necessary that you have experience in SEO and that your page have more content, that you will get it with the help of Marketing, this is a clear example that both disciplines can work together.
The success of Marketing and SEO depends on the work of both
 Another way in which these disciplines can work together are:
- To have more readers, it is necessary that you enter new content to your page. But it's not just about adding some topic, but this is attractive, this is a brand that will create the distinction of your website with others.
seo barcelona - The keyword is essential to innovate the content, but it is necessary that this keyword matches the search of the users, so this will be more effective. But this strategy must be used correctly, because if you add very technical words they will not be so popular on the web and therefore will not attract more public.
- Use internal linking, so it will be easier for Google to get your page, and so it is positioned faster. Likewise this link helps the user to orient himself within the content and in this way choose what is relevant to him.
- Follow all the changes that occur when you want to improve the ranking, it is a Seo strategy, but for this you must also apply marketing
- Having a title with great content, that is striking so that it attracts the public, is a good technique. These should be very precise but at the end of account describe the subject you work with.
Although the two disciplines require different knowledge and different tools, both must follow the same line, as we said in previous lines, the success of one will depend on the help that the other gives you. Always maintain quality in each content, without losing sight of your goal, which is to position your page.

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SEO This changed shape and evolves

SEO This changed shape and evolves

Several specialists affirm that the search engines and the optimization of web pages, have been having variants in recent years. However, despite the fact that SEO is one of the new techniques for web positioning and has displaced others that were used with great success, it is not exempt from changes, but within these changes, some say that the essence of SEO It has been losing.
For some time they have been hearing the same thing, that the famous technique of positioning and increasing traffic has died. But experts say that this is false. While it is true we are in a world that has no guarantees and in which the tools we use for different areas do not have them and this is precisely our case.
As we know within the advantages that this strategy brings, it is that if we manage to make a striking title and place the keywords in these strategic sites within the same text, we will get as a reward that Google places us within the first positions. But when the other case occurs and we notice that our optimization is not having the expected results, it is when we say that it has definitely died.
SEO Disappears and experts claim that he has died
This is the eternal debate that once again becomes public, and this is something that has become habitual, and even many compare it with the number of times they have said that the world is going to end, it is obvious that everything has a final and nothing is forever, but if something is good because it is not worth continuing to have it? agencia marketing online barcelona agencia seo barcelona agencia seo
It is very common to hear that web positioning is no longer being used by search engines like Google, however this may be because the famous search engine has made some changes in its algorithm, and for that reason the way we are using the words keys is no longer the right way, so we can say that it is still the same, but it is not being taken into account in the same way, since now one of the new features that is taken into account to respond to a search determined, is the area where that search comes from.
Another one of modifications that also arose is on the payment of AdWords, which now occupy almost all the top and even lateral of the search results.